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Monday - Friday: 7am-2:45pm
Saturday: Nope

Sunday: Never

Holidays: Closed for most of them, especially the ones on Mondays!

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We use Fresh Ingredients 

and parking is free!

the beginning...

In July of 2013, I left a 30 year career of supervising several multi-million dollar capital improvement projects, to managing an underachieving deli franchise location that was destined for closure. I traded years on the road and a wealth of experience for a 7-3, M-F job involving a whole lot of Starbucks coffee, a familiar zip code and...NO experience!

THE now...

After 3 years of limited growth, handcuffed 

individuality and a whole lot of consumed Starbucks coffee, it was time to turn the corner. In August of 2016, we decided to start again, but this time we started from where we were successful, we started with our customers. We started with hardworking, frugal, quality minded customers who were spending the same dollars they were earning in the same building. 

From the beginning, we heard the same things over and over, give us a quality product that we can afford throughout the week.

With continued escalations in the economy and some very troubled times globally, we only increased our prices once at $.50 across the menu, we offerred unlimited  fountain drink refils to give you exercise and we added more reduced specials to help keep your paychecks and tupperware at home.

Things are changing...